White Porcelain Bowls


Limited edition of 24, 220 x 300mm, ff. 26 (including two title-pages) of poetic text. Screen-printed by hand in white tint on various coloured backgrounds, signed and dated by the author on an endpaper. Loosely wrapped in shoji paper, and housed, Japanese-style, in a binding of maroon cloth with Fabriano Ingres grey endpapers, bone fastenings, and hand-printed shoji paper cover title, hand-printed place-marker loosely inserted.

Each fascinating monochrome is emphasised by white, and white, in turn, in this book becomes interesting. Then, an accurate measure from each monochrome is added to white – an ink is created – the text is written, being born of, being part of, the image upon which it is now printed. Fixed. The White Porcelain Bowls are filled with Symphonies of Yellow. Look closely. Look again. Look again. Look for longer…

Individual texts have been awarded literary prizes ~ Redline Book Festival Dublin, 2013, 2014. Troubadour International Poetry Award. White Porcelain Bowls was exhibited at the Royal

Barbara A Morton 2022